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  • Quality Guarantee

    Quality Guarantee

    1 YEAR WARRANTY (Non-artifical & Normal Deterioration)
  • Full Magnetic Products

    Full Magnetic Products

    One-Stop Purchase for 2000+ Types Permanent Magnetic Items Optional
  • Price & Lead Time

    Price & Lead Time

    Originated Supply for Saving Cost & 3 Days Delivery Time for Standard Items
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Meiko Magnetics is a China based magnetic solutions provider, specializing in various applications of holding magnets, rubber coated magnets, filter magnets as well as shuttering magnets for the prefabricated construction industry. With our own facilities in Anhui of China, a team of skilled engineers focus on designing and manufacturing magnetic systems efficiently and reliably. 

Meiko Magnetics has always kept it firmly in mind that “ innovation, quality and customer’s requirements are the cornerstones of the enterprise”. We hope our expertise in magnetic assemblies can afford your better ideas.



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